RIP Steve Sabol, My Tribute to You – The Grind’s “Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files”

R.I.P. Steve Sabol

My tribute to you Steve, The Grind’s ““Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files”

When Flip Satchel and Bill Freitas hosted “The Grind” we made great parody elements inspired by Steve Sabol’s NFL films.  We called them “Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files”

Because we were never affiliated with Clear Channel in the Tampa market we weren’t aloud to use the voice, Gene Dekeroff, or any Buccaneer audio for that matter.  Bill does great impersonations and could do a spot on Gene and John Fasenda.  We used this to our advantage.  This way we could have Gene say what ever we wanted, plus this bit kicked ass. We would write scripts or highlight reels for Buccaneer games and come first thing Monday morning I would drag Bill in the studio and we would knock it out.

The bit actually started when Bill and I did a show called “The Monday Night Tailgate” for Tampa’s local ESPN affiliate.  I remember the first time we played the bit on air our GM came running in the studio hollering “I said we can’t use any Buccaneer audio”.  I laughed and explained that that was Bill doing impersonations and that we created it.  The bit was a hit and it took off from there.  Easily it was a favorite of “The Grind” and our audience.


Flip Satchel


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