UPDATED!!! Is Razorback head football coach John L. Smith teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown?

UPDATE!!! Head Razorback John L. Smith is $25.7 million in debt.  HOLY SHIT!!!  Some one needs a little Dave Ramsey in their life.

Razorback Nation, if John L  can still smile knowing he is $25.7 mill in debt, ULM imbarrased him on a national scale, and he just got caught in a Crimson Tide stampede that was worse than the one that killed Mufasa in the Lion King, why cant you?

Now that’s better.  I feel better.  How about you?

The Arkansas Razorbacks were ranked #10 in the nation in preseason polls.  John L. Smith was pulled away from his head coaching job at his alma mater, WeberState, before even coaching a game.  Arkansas, who was one of the favorites in the SEC race and had hopes of a national title run, needed John L to bring stability back to the program after the Bobby Petrino fiasco.

In the second week of the season it all went to shit for John L after Louisiana-Monroe knocked off the Razorbacks in OT 34-31 in Little Rock, AR.  To make maters worse, starting QB for the Hogs, Tyler Wilson, suffered a concussion and would be a scratch the following week against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

As you would expect the top ranked Crimson Tide rolled the Razorbacks 52 to zip.  Arkansas managed 137 in total offence, and all hope of this glorious season were circling the drain.

Razorback nation was ready for heads to roll after the ULM debacile and the Alabama game confirmed that Arkansas doesn’t have a prayer this year, only three weeks into the season.

After watching the John L Smith pressor clip, What are your thoughts?  Is he mentaly stable.  Can he be found un-fit?  Remember, he is the current leader of this scrambled program.

Feel free to stop the video after a minute in. Is Razorback head football coach John L. Smith teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown?

I want Houston Nutt back.


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