The Torrey Smith show. Ravens 31-30 over the Patriots

Last night’s game between the Ravens and Patriots was easily the best game of the weekend.  AWESOME!!!

Ravens Patriots highlights

Torrey Smith stole the show with six receptions for 127 yards and two touchdowns less than 24 hours after his 19 year old brother, Tevin, passed away in a motorcycle accident.  “Torrey’s special relationship with his siblings makes this specific situation even tougher to process. Torrey helped raise Tevin, along with Torrey’s other siblings, even though Torrey was barely more than a toddler when he began to assume the duties of a parent.”

Ravens came out on top 31-30 on a controvocial field goal as time expired.  The game was back and forth with no respect for the officials from the opening kick.  The ref’s working last nights match up had no business being anywhere near that field.  Not because they weren’t capable but because they had no confidence.  Their lack of control in that game was beyond obvious.  Chants of “bullshit” from the crowd blasted across NBC’s airwaves.  Listen for yourself HERE.  Al Michaels had two great quotes that you can’t hear on the video. “That’s the loudest manure chant I’ve ever heard” and “No seven second delay on that one” -Al Michaels. Hilarious!  Last, Bill Belichick grabbed and official after the game and its probably going to cost him more than most of us will make this year.  Watch here


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