$150M-$250M in MNF bets shifted

Houston we have a problem!!!

$150M-$250M in MNF bets shifted on this play.  Packers and Seahawks final play

I told you there was a storm brewing with the replacements/NFL and the fans and this is it. VEGAS BABY!  It’s obvious that Goodell doesn’t give a s#*t about the fans. We’ll, Vegas doesen’t give a s%#t about Roger Goodell now and the fans right there with Vegas. The NFL is as big as it is in part to gambling. With last nights call… We’ll there no nice way to put it, people got F*$#ed, no two ways about it. When you mess with peoples money they get pissed, sometimes they get even.

Last night’s ending to MNF football was a worst-case scenario for the NFL. It’s not the blown call that is the problem but the questions that now rise about the official’s integrity. Are they on the take? Was the fix in? What’s the NFL’s cut? What’s the Ref’s cut? Can I get in on the action? $150M-$250M in Monday Night Football bets shifted. That’s a problem.


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