Ravens and Patriots, Sunday Sept. 23, 2012 Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files

Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012

It was a much-anticipated rematch of the AFC Championship game from a year ago.  The Baltimore Ravens and The New England Patriots.  Pride was on the line this Sunday night as these two teams fueled with fire headed to the gridiron for battle.   Many expected Tom Brady and Patriot offence to set the tone early but it was the New England Defense that lead the revolt.

Joe Flacco INT

 1st and 10 Ravens at their own 24 yard line.  Flacco under center as the Ravens go three wide.  There’s the snap, play action to Ray Rice, Flacco has time,  He throws down field AND ITS INTERCEPTED AT THE 45 YARD LINE BY STEVEN GREGORY.  This could be trouble.  Gregory has room across the 30 to the 25.  Inside the 20 Flacco attempts to make a stop at the 10 and Gregory is knocked out of bounds at the six yard line.  Tackle made by Ray Rice.  Joe Flacco led the defender perfectly.  He threw it where only man could catch it, too bad he wasn’t wearing purple.

Thomas Brady would turn the interception into seven, and with two first quarter field goals the Patriots lead the Ravens from Baltimore 13 to Zero.  Baltimore was not to be counted out, fore this night was special.  One lone Raven was playing in a place so dark in one’s heart light cannot escape,  yet it exploded on the playing field in remarkable fashion on this Sunday night.

Torrey Smith 25 yd TD reception

1st and 10 at the New England 25.  Flacco under center, play action.  Looking, looking, Flacco throws deep down the sideline.  Smith has a step on the defender.  Torrey Smith goes up for the ball in the end zone, and he’s got it.  Touchdown Baltimore!  What a catch by Torrey Smith and the Ravens are on the board.  What can be said about Torrey Smith.  What an effort.

Ignited by the emotion from one Torrey Smith, Joe Flacco and the Ravens offence followed suit, driving 92 yards in 10 plays to rip the lead away from New England with less than two minutes to play in the half.  Down but not out, the Patriots, lead by Tom Brady, aimed their muskets at Ray Lewis and the Baltimore D and fired away.  Gronkowski, Woodhead, Branch, and Welker all had receptions as the New England offence pierced the secondary of the defense.   Brady capped the drive with a 7-yard Touchdown pass to close the half with a lead 20 – 14.

The ferocious fight continued into the second half of play.   The Battle raged from both sidelines with the officials serving as bad drummer boys unable to carry the rhythm of war.  Having no control on the field of play can be dangerous in this game we call football.

Ed Reed hit on Deion Branch

3rd and a long 3 inside the Baltimore 34 yard line.  Brady in the shotgun.   He takes the snap.  Looks left and fires complete to Deion Bran….HOLY SHIT!  Can we have a moment of silence for what used to be Deion Branch’s brain?  Ed Reed came from the safety position and launched Deion’s Branch’s insurance premiums to the moon.   Good luck five years from now Deion.  Kiss your kids while you still know who they are.  Flags are down after that helmet-to-helmet collision and Branch jumps to his feet despite having his brain bruised worse than Robin Givens after a good old fashion Mike Tyson beat down. I wonder if Deion will drag Ed on the view for a sit down with Barbara Walters.  First down New England.

New England would carry the lead deep into the 4th quarter.  With time running out on the Ravens, Joeseph Flacco went to the air and brought down the thunder of Torrey Smith.

Torrey Smith 5 yd TD reception

1st and Goal at the New England 5.  Flacco under center.  Play Action to Rice, Flacco looking, Flacco rolls right as he is flushed from the pocket.  Throws to the pylon and it CAUGHT IN THE ENDZONE BY TORREY SMITH, TOUCHDOWN BALTIMORE!  Smith’s route took him inside but he turned it back out when Flacco was flushed from the pocket to grab his second touchdown of the evening.  What a special night for Torrey Smith.  I’ll go ahead and give him my game ball.

After his second score Smith had 162 yards receiving to go along with the two touchdowns.  The ability to triumph over the grief of losing a brother that very day, a remarkable feat indeed.  A game for the ages to say the least, unfortunately the Ravens were down and had more work to do.  Baltimore’s defense fought valiantly as bullshit rained from the clouds above.  A punt was forced and the Ravens had life.  One last march down the field, the out come of this game was going to come down to the leg of a rookie. 

Justin Tucker 27 yd Field Goal

This is it Ladies and Gentlemen.  Ball on the New England 9 yard line which makes for about a 27 yard chip shot for Justin Tucker.  Time out Patriots.  Really Bill, Time out quit delaying the inevitable.  You can’t Ice the Tuck man, cause Tuck don’t give a… oh excuse me.  All right here we go with the kick. 30-28 Patriots, :02 seconds on the clock.  The Snap, good hold, and he… missed it.  Son of a Bitch he pushed it right.  A chip shot from 27 yards away and you missed it.  Boy howdy did the Refs blow this game for the Ravens.   It never should have come down to this.  Webb clearly picked Brady and they started to whine like the… What??? What do you mean it’s good.  They said it’s good.  OF COURSE IT’S GOOD… IT GOOD!!! RAVENS WIN!  I LOVE THESE REF’S!  WHAT A GREAT CALL! RAVENS WIN! 

Before the dust could even settle and after Belichick speared an official, one light could not be ignored.  For out the Darkness this lone Raven, Torrey Smith, remained high upon his perch surrounded by spotlight, perhaps a light from above. 



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