West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Baylor Bears Preview – SMACKcast

Listen to the SMACKcast right here.

The first five people who tweet @smackapparel one of the five reasons why Mark from “The Smoking Musket” said WV will beat Baylor will win the “Sucks to BU” gear from Smack Apparel.

The 9th ranked West Virginia Mountaineers host the 25th ranked Baylor Bears in their first ever Big 12 home game.  “Sucks to BU” is the truth.  Led by senior quarterback and Heisman candidate Geno Smith, the Mountaineers look like they are ready to pounce on the Bears and seem to be legitimate contenders in the Big 12.  Mark, from The Smoking Musket joined the SMACKcast to give us the lowdown in Morgantown.

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Mountaineer Corner

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4 responses to “West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Baylor Bears Preview – SMACKcast

  • Sjustice84@gmail.com

    Stupid shirt and an embarrassment to those of us who want to see WVU fans turn over a new leaf as we enter a new era. It’s depressing to think that a few low class punks with a tshirt printer, or a few drunken fans with a chip on their shoulders, can ruin the reputation of an entire fanbase.

    • satchelpatch


      This is sports. There is nothing wrong with good natured ribbing. Where’s your passion? I bet you are the first guy to call 911 when a couch is torched. I can see you now with your own personal fire extinguisher walking the campus and the streets of Morgantown ready at a moments notice to rain on everyone’s parade. It’s a shirt. It’s funny. Get over it.

  • Sjustice84@gmail.com

    People who wear these, or the West F’n Virginia shirts, or cuss out or throw things at visiting fans are the ones who are raining on everyone’s parade. These shirts and the attitude that goes with them are neither funny or witty. They are just a identifier of the class of the person who chooses to wear one.

  • satchelpatch

    Nowhere on our shirt does it stay, throw things, cuss, or be a dick to any visitors from opposing teams. Actually, here at Smack Apparel we are anti-Dick. We even have gone so far as to make a shirt telling people “Don’t be a Dick”. Again, this is sports. It’s a shirt. It’s funny. Get over it.

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