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Smack Apparel Pick’Em Contest With T.J. Rives

Smack Apparel Pick’Em contest with T.J. Rives of Fox Sports Radio

It’s simple, we select three college games per week.  T.J. picks, Smack picks, and three lucky contestants pick winners.    If any or all of the three contestants hit a three game parlay, Smack gear will be won.  WE USE THE POINT SPREAD!!! This is not a simple head to head pick’em contest you would find at your neighborhood Applebee’s. (They are just trying to give away free Quesadillas)  Do your home work people, earn your FREE Smack gear.

@JTBUC55 is the WINNER – LSU covered, K-State covered, and Oregon covered.  JT, check out and choose your gear.

@Pewterslimsme, @JTBUC55, and @JasonKridner here are the three games. Alabama is favored by 8, K-State by 8.5, and Oregon by 8. You must hit your three game parlay to win Smack gear.

@BucSidelineGuy‘s picks – LSU will win (Shot calling) K-State, USC to cover in a close one

@smackapparel‘s picks – Alabama to cover, K-State to cover, and not only will USC cover but they will win.

@JasonKridner‘s picks – LSU, K-State, and USC

@JTBUC55‘s picks – LSU, K-State, and Oregon

@Pewterslimsme‘s picks – Alabama, K-State, and Oregon

Follow Smack (@smackapparel) and T.J (@BucSidelineGuy) on twitter and stay tuned to The Smack Zone for your opportunity to enter the pick’em contest.

Update: Congradulations @Pewterslimsme! You won the 3rd spot in the Pick’Em contest. CFPICKEM10 is a Coupon code that is valad thru Sunday, Nov. 4th at midnight.  The Code was hidden under Shop Now/Topical Smack/Topical-College on

5pm sharp.  This is your last chance to enter this week’s Pick’Em contest with @BucSidelineGuy.

What is the Coupon code for this weeks Pick’Em contest?

The 1st person to tweet the correct answer @smackapparel and @bucsidelineguy will win a spot in the Pick’Em contest.  To find the hidden coupon code you must navigate the Smack Apparel website  Hint: Shop Now/Topical

Those who didn’t win a spot in the Pick’Em contest can use the coupon code for %15 percent off any Smack Gear on the website.  The coupon code is valid until mid-night Sunday, Nov. 4th.   Also if you didn’t win a spot in the Pick’Em contest we will back.   Same time, same place next Thursday at 8:00 am.

UPDATE – Congradulations @JTBUC55! You are winner #2 and now claim a spot in the Pick’Em contest with @BucSidelineGuy – Geno Hayes and Ronde Barber are the answers we were looking for.

Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files – Throw back to 2009 throw back

This is a two part fill in the blank question.


The 1st person to tweet the correct answers @smackapparel and @bucsidelineguy will win a spot in the Pick’Em contest.  Hint: The Smack Zone – Find the post – Throwback to the 2009 Throwback, “Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files”

Note: The “Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files” is a bit I used to run on the radio because we couldn’t use Buccaneer audio.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise.  It was a great because my radio partner, Bill Freitas, does a spot on Gene Deckerhoff impersonation as well as John Facenda.  I would write the script, Bill would knock out the V/O, and would then piece it together and presto The “Highs and Lows from the Facenda Files” was born.

I wanted to recreate this bit for The Smack Zone but it didn’t get enough traction when I tried it.  It’s a great bit but it takes several hours to put together.  I want feedback from you.  Help me get hits I can bring it back.

Here is a version of the Highs and Lows I tried for a game of the week type scenario.  This is from the Sunday Night Football game between the Ravens and Patriots back on Sept 23, 2012.  GIVE ME FEED BACK!!!

UPDATE – Congradulations @JasonKridner!  You are the first contestant in the Pick’Em contest.

Tim Fitzgerald mentioned that Collin Klein is a really good musician and that he plays the piano and loves classical music.

Here is the full SMACKcast with Tim Fitzgerald of

Two more spots will be chosen today.  Next spot chosen will be at Noon Eastern.  Keep it locked to The Smack Zone and @smackapparel and @BucSidelineGuy on twitter for more details.

Name one musical instrument K-State QB Collin Klein plays.

The 1st person to tweet the correct answer @smackapparel and @bucsidelineguy will win a spot in the Pick’Em contest.  Hint:  There is a great SMACKcast recently posted on The Smack Zone with Tim Fitzgerald of


SMACKcast 013, w/Flip Satchel and Tim Fitzgerald of

Smack Apparel Podcast

SMACK APPAREL PICK’EM CONTEST – As “Optimus Klein” closes in on the Heisman, Who are the previous 3  Big 12 QB’s to win the award?

SMACKcast Episode 13, Manhattan to Manhattan

“Manhattan to Manhattan, Vote Optimus 7 2012” Tim Fitzgerald of joined Flip Satchel on the SMACKcast to talk Collin Klein and Wildcat football.

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“Manhattan to Manhattan” We Have Our Shirt Contest Winner


Thanks to K-State Nation for all the great entries in the shirt contest for Collin Klein fans.  You have spoken and “Manhattan to Manhattan” is the runaway favorite.  Jump on board this campaign and support your Heisman Candidate.  Order you Smack Apparel Gear here.

“Manhattan to Manhattan, Vote Optimus 7 in 2012”

Is Collin Klein a Firestarter? 18 TD’s last 4 games sounds Pyro to me


SMACKcast 013 – Flip Satchel is joined by Tim Fitzgerald of

Smack Apparel PodcastIs Collin Klein is a Fire Starter?  18 TD’s in the last 4 games sounds like a Pyro to me.  Klein and the Kansas State Wildcats, 8-0, torched Texas Tech 55-24 this past weekend.  Klein, currently a favorite among Heisman conversations, threw for 233 yards and two scores, and rushed for 83 yards and two touchdowns.

The BCS potentially could play a huge roll in this years Heisman race.  Good news for Kansas State, offense, defense, and special teams, the’re a great football team.  If the Wildcats continue to win, the momentum will skyrocket.  K-State’s schedule doesn’t let up either.  They’ll face #24 Oklahoma State at home this Saturday, then head to TCU and Baylor, before returning home to take on #23 Texas to wrap the regular season.


Thanks to K-State Nation for all the great entries in the shirt contest for Collin Klein fans.  You have spoken and “Manhattan to Manhattan” is the runaway favorite.  Jump on board this campaign and support your Heisman Candidate.  Order now at Smack Apparel

 “Manhattan to Manhattan, Vote Optimus 7 in 2012”

Keep Gene Chizik! “Our mind is on LSU, Chizik’s future at Auburn is in our heart”

Tuscaloosa, AL- Keep Gene Chizik” has become the rally cry for the Alabama Crimson Tide as Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik’s seat continues to heat up.  The Tide faithful are distraught over the coach’s future after another embarrassing loss over the weekend. Johnny Football and the Aggies from Texas A&M wrecked the Tigers in Auburn 63-21.  Auburn is 1-7 overall and 0-6 in the SEC with conference games remaining against # 6 Georgia and top ranked Alabama.

“Our minds are focused on LSU but our hearts are with Coach Chizik in hopes that he remains the leader of the Auburn program,” Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban.  Many Tide fans who credit much of their Iron Bowl success to the embattled Auburn coach have followed Saban’s lead and have taken to the streets to show their support.

Apparently Saban has tried on multiple occasions to reach out to Chizik in hopes of lifting his spirits.  Recently a Facebook intervention was hosted by Saban, which included the likes of Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen, Ole Miss’s Hugh Freeze, Les Miles of LSU, and Former Razorback Coach Bobby Petrino.  According to sources close to the Chizik camp, “Saban is a bridge over troubled water these days.”

When asked about a possible text exchange that recently surfaced between the two head coaches, Saban stated,” This is a private matter between Coach Chizik and I”, then he winked. Saban refused to comment further and would not confirm the authenticity of the text exchanged.

Have You Accpeted Tim Tebow as your starting QB? #Jets #Believer

Are you a “Believer”?  Have you been “Tebowtized”?  Will today be the day Tebow comes back?

The real question on everyone’s mind, what is Rex Ryan waiting for?  Is he not a “BELIEVER”?   Did the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets not bring you know who here for a reason?  Is this New York team not lost right now?  How many sets of footprints are in the sand?  How many more signs do you need? It’s time For Tim Tebow to be the starting quarterback of the New York Jets.  Jets fans have you accepted Tim Tebow as your starting quarterback?  THE RETURN OF TEBOW IS NEAR!  HAVE YOU BEEN “TEBOTIZED”?

Here is my song. “Blessed Tebow Assurance”

               Blessed "Tebow" Assurance
               Blessed assurance, Tebow is mine! 
               O what a foretaste of glory Gridiron! 
               Heir of Mark Sanchez, purchase of Ryan, 
               he loves the spotlight, he can’t ride pine. 

Refrain:       This is my city, the critics are wrong, 
               praising Tim Tebow all the day long; 
               This is my city, the critics are wrong, 
               praising Tim Tebow all the day long. 

               Perfect situation, perfect time, 
               visions of Denver now burst on my sight; 
               Hail Mary’s descending bring from above 
               echoes of victory, show Tim some love. 

               Perfect position, Tebow is best;  
               I in my big screen am happy and blest, 
               watching and waiting, looking above, 
               are you a “BELIEVER”, give him your trust.