49ers, You Make Me Sick

DAMN I LOVE FOOTBALL!  It was another great weekend for the NFL, although I was sick to my stomach to watching that 49ers/Giants game.  The 49ers are one of the NFC favorites and they flat out laid an egg Sunday.  Giant fans weren’t talking smack this week because they were aware of the ass whipping they were going to take in San Fran.  For some reason the 49ers decided not to show up and the Giants punished them for it 26-3.  Thus emboldening FORMER New Yorker’s as they claim they new all along the Giants would win and they are headed back to the Super Bowl, which they very well could.  To be clear, I don’t hate the Giants, Jets, Yankees, and Mets.  I hate their fans who think that they are better than everyone else because they sniff more jockey straps than the rest of us.  Same goes for Boston.  “Meet Dick”

This is a great production put together by the people over at Deadspin.  I figured I’ll let them do the work and I will gladly share it.  Follow the link for the Week 6 NFL GIFS.



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