“KEEP MACK BROWN” echoing across the Oklahoma plains

Things are heating up in Austin, TX and it’s not Matthew McConaughey watching himself in Magic Mike AGAIN.  Longhorn fans have the red ass after another beatdown in the Cotton Bowl at the hands of the Sooners 63-21.  Fire Mack Brown it’s trending on twitter, it’s all over the internet, and message boards. (See News Stories below)  Needless to say this is a polarizing topic.  People in Brown’s camp have reported that Mack was down and out but his spirit was lifted when he was shown an overwhelming display of support from an unlikely source, Sooners Nation.  Bobby Stoops has made his feelings clear and Oklahoma fans nationwide have been showing their support for Mack Brown with this uplifting shirt by Smack Apparel. “Keep Mack Brown” could be heard echoing across the plains of Oklahoma according to multiple eyewhitness accounts.  A touch of class from Sooners Nation.

ESPN – When quarterback David Ash was asked about the Brown criticism, his answer was succinct: “Stop.”

“People are going to bandwagon hop,” said wide receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Los Angeles TimesTexas Coach Mack Brown dismissed any suggestions he may be ready to retire, saying he’s still got energy and the backing of the school and its big boosters. “I have my energy. I’m moving forward,” Brown said. “I know I’ve got time to fix it and I know I can. I’m way too competitive and [have] way too much pride to leave something bad,” Brown said, adding he still thinks Texas can win 10 games this season

USA Today – Mack Brown was sitting beneath harsh TV lights, declaring the loss “unacceptable.” Texas’ coach looked tired, older than his 61 years. On days like these, and there have been too many of them, he always does.

Culture Map Austin – It’s time. Texas exposed itself in Dallas and Longhorn nation must ask whether Mack Brown is the man to lead this team any longer.  Sure, it’s unacceptable. Next question: What will Texas continue to accept?

Oklahoma Sooner fans who would like to show their support for Mack Brown with the uplifting Smack Apparel shirt can purchase it here.


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