“Keep Gene Chizik” Rolling Through Crimson Tides Of Alabama

Week of Nov. 18-24 Announced As “Keep Gene Chizik Week” Across Alabama

Support Comes From An Unlikely Advocate 

Fire Gene Chizik Facebook pages and websites have been popping up across the internet over the past few weeks as well as becoming one of the top trending topics on Twitter. It was only two short years ago when Chizik was loved and admired by the Auburn faithful for bringing the National Championship back to the plains.  Just like the oaks in Toomer’s Corner, those days are dying.  The 1-5 Tigers (0-4 in SEC play) are scheduled to play Vanderbilt this Saturday and the Commodores are an eight point favorite.

Reports out of Chizik’s camp say the coach has been feeling depressed, beat down, bummed out, perturbed, tormented and even weakened due to Auburn’s horrific start to the 2012 season. After getting beat by 21 points by Ole Miss, a team that has lost 16 consecutive SEC games, Chizik and the program have hit an all time low.  Can you blame him for his depression?  The Tigers lone victory came in overtime against ULM.

Chizik’s spirits were lifted when he received an overwhelming show of support from an unlikely advocate, Nick Saban.  Saban has made his feelings clear and Tide Nation is backing their coach by showing support with this “Keep Gene Chizik”t-shirt. “Keep Gene Chizik” could be heard rolling through the crimson tides of Alabama.

Alabama Crimson Tide fans who would like to show their support for Chizik with the uplifting  shirt by Smack Apparel can purchase it here.


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