My Teboner is gone, NFL Week 7 GIF’s, and Monday Morning One Liners

Bad news for Tim Tebow fans.  There is no way Mark Sanchez should be pulled in favor of Tebow.  Sanchez proved to me yesterday that his is worthy of his position.  Sure the Jets lost on a Sanchez fumble but overall he played great.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want to see Tebow as the starter.  The hype and the circus that comes with is simply fantastic.  I get a teboner just thinking about it.  Truth be told, Tebow is not an NFL QB!  If he were smart he would try to transition to another position. (talk about an original thought)

Here is your “NFL week 7 GIF’s from Deadspin” and your “Monday Morning One Liners” from Pro Football Talk


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