K State Let’s Make It Happen – Shirt Contest For Collin Klein Fans

What’s up Kansas State fans? Thanks for all the love on Twitter and Facebook today.  I’m glad you enjoyed the Collin Klein felony arson post.  Special thanks to Tim Fitzgerald @LifeofFitz who got this ball rolling with a simple ReTweet this morning.

We have wanted to produce a shirt for Kansas State fans for a few weeks now.  After the response from Wildcat Nation today, the time is NOW!

Shirt Contest For Collin Klein Fans

Let’s have some fun.  Wildcat fans your chance to support your Heisman hopeful starts now.  Jump on board this campaign and submit your best shirt concept.  The winning entry will be printed on a Smack Apparel shirt and you will also win Smack schwag.  Submit your ideas for a shirt to the Smack Apparel Facebook page,  @SmackApparel on Twitter, or email me flip@smackapparel.com.

Guidelines:  Be creative, nicknames are great, and the number 7 is alright to use.   Don’t use the player’s name, no official logos, and you can’t say the word Heisman.

This get’s me pumped up, K State.  Thanks again for the social media love today.  Let’s keep this ball rolling and make a kick ass shirt.

Kansas State Fans Your gear Is Hear

Hot off the presses, available for purchace NOW! Follow the link to buy Smack Apparal’s “Stay Victorious“, “Meet Dick“, and “Beat Texas” gear for K State fans.

If you need help with ideas for the Collin Klein fan shirt, here is  example of our “Super G” shirt we did for Geno Smith fans and WVU fans.


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