Keep Gene Chizik! “Our mind is on LSU, Chizik’s future at Auburn is in our heart”

Tuscaloosa, AL- Keep Gene Chizik” has become the rally cry for the Alabama Crimson Tide as Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik’s seat continues to heat up.  The Tide faithful are distraught over the coach’s future after another embarrassing loss over the weekend. Johnny Football and the Aggies from Texas A&M wrecked the Tigers in Auburn 63-21.  Auburn is 1-7 overall and 0-6 in the SEC with conference games remaining against # 6 Georgia and top ranked Alabama.

“Our minds are focused on LSU but our hearts are with Coach Chizik in hopes that he remains the leader of the Auburn program,” Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban.  Many Tide fans who credit much of their Iron Bowl success to the embattled Auburn coach have followed Saban’s lead and have taken to the streets to show their support.

Apparently Saban has tried on multiple occasions to reach out to Chizik in hopes of lifting his spirits.  Recently a Facebook intervention was hosted by Saban, which included the likes of Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen, Ole Miss’s Hugh Freeze, Les Miles of LSU, and Former Razorback Coach Bobby Petrino.  According to sources close to the Chizik camp, “Saban is a bridge over troubled water these days.”

When asked about a possible text exchange that recently surfaced between the two head coaches, Saban stated,” This is a private matter between Coach Chizik and I”, then he winked. Saban refused to comment further and would not confirm the authenticity of the text exchanged.


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