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12-0 Is Perfection – Urban Meyer Struck Gold At Ohio State

Urban Meyer has done a hell of a job with Ohio State this year.  Meyer once again proves his worth and remains among the best of college football coaches.  Off the top of my head my list is: Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Chip Kelly, and Chris Petersen* out of Boise State.

After the bull settled in Columbus, Urban Meyer was standing as the leader for the Buckeyes.  In a What Have You Done for Me Lately world Urban Meyer stands with few.  Two national and two SEC titles at Florida and  now he’s 12-0 in his first season at Ohio State.  I’m sure Buckeye fans aren’t happy with the circumstances that brought him there, but looking back I find it hard to believe they would rather have Tressel there instead of Meyer.

12-0 BABY!  Smack Apparel presents Perfection Bowl 2012.  It’s not South Beach …but it was perfection.  Thanks Urban.


Ohio State fans your gear is available now.

*Petersen took a little bit of research, I’m open to your top coach list as well so please submit.


Johnny Football – Straight To The Stupid, Manziel Speaks

Johnny Manziel had his first chance to speak to the media on a conference call earlier in the week.  The majority of the questions asked of Mr. Football were solid but there was a select few that were flat out stupid.  The total length of the call is an hour so I tightened it up a bit and get straight to the stupid just for you.  Enjoy!

Check out the numbers below.  It’s hard to argue against Manziel.

Manziel Mania is gaining momentum.  Check out the Johnny Football Haircut and of course the Johnny Football song AGAIN.



Smack Apparel Pick’Em Contest With T.J. Rives

The Smack Apparel Pick’Em contest with T.J. Rives of Fox Sports Radio is back.

It’s simple, we select three college games per week.  T.J. picks, Smack picks, and three lucky contestants pick winners.  If any or all of the three contestants hit a three game parlay, Smack gear will be won.  WE USE THE POINT SPREAD!!! This is not a simple head to head pick’em contest you would find at your neighborhood Applebee’s. (They are just trying to give away free Quesadillas)  Do your home work people, earn your FREE Smack gear.

Here are your confrence championship match-ups.

Pick'Em contest Confrence Championship

@bucsidelineguy picks – Bama, FSU, Nebraska

@smackapparel picks – Bama, FSU, and Wisconsin

@55rays picks – Georgia, FSU, Nebraska

@caseym55 picks – Georgia, Florida State, and Nebraska

@JSMeadows picks – Bama, FSU, and Wisconsin

Including this season, who are the only two schools to represent the Coastal Division in the 8 ACC Championship Games?

The first person to tweet the correct answer to @smackapparel and @bucsidelineguy will win a spot in the Pick’Em contest.

The last year Notre Dame finished a regular season unbeaten was 1988, what was the national average price of a gallon of unleaded gas? $1.08

Who is the only Alabama QB to be named MVP of the SEC Championship
game? Greg McElroy

The first person to tweet the correct answer to @smackapparel and @bucsidelineguy will win a spot in the Pick’Em contest.

We will be taking contestants beginning at 8am EST today, again at Noon EST,  and the 3rd at 5 pm EST.  Pay attention and don’t be late.  You might miss out on your chance for the pick’em contest.

Former Pick’em Contest winners




“They Left It All On The Field” -Gene Chizik, Referring to Keep Gene Chizik Movement

“They left it all on the field”, former Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik said referring to the Keep Gene Chizik movement that swept through Crimson Tide Nation this season.

Reports out of Chizik’s camp said the coaches spirits were lifted by an unlikely advocate, Nick Saban.  From the infamous text exchange between the two coaches to the Facebook rally for support, Saban was at the front of the movement.  It didn’t take long for Crimson Tide Nation to follow suit.

It started with rumblings on twitter, #KeepGeneChizik began to pop up on cell phones across the great state of Alabama.  Soon poetry readings in his honor were taking place at local hipster hangouts.  Next thing you know the #KeepGeneChizik movement was in full swing and Chizik took notice.  He released this statement addressing the Keep Gene Chizik Nation,who stood by him in his time of need.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had during the last four
seasons to serve as the head football coach at Auburn University.  I’m
extremely disappointed with the way this season turned out.  I apologize to the Auburn family and our team for what they have had to endure.

There is one fan base and an individual in particular who I would like to recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty this year.  In my 27 years of coaching, I have never seen a display of support like I received from Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide faithful.  When moral was at an all time low it was the Tide faithful that lifted my spirits.

I feel blessed to have been surrounded with so many great coaches, but what Nick did for me, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.  He reached out to me on the Facebook along with other coaches from the SEC.  I can remember one night, I’m sure it was after a bad loss to somebody like Vanderbilt, I was really depressed, out of the blue I got a text from Nick telling me to keep my head up.  That’s the type of thing that the fans and media don’t see.  Through this entire season Saban was the one who, surprisingly, was there for me most.  I think of him like that little angle on my shoulder helping me get through tough times.  Nick said recently he would miss me not being able to continue to mentor these players on a daily basis.  I told him not to worry and that I was confident these young men would continue to excel both on and off the field.

I have said this many times, but I think Nick Saban is the best coach in college football.  He has shown an incredible passion, love for myself, and the Auburn program.  I want to thank him for his support in bad times.  War Eagle!

#KeepGeneChizik Nation

Here He Is, Johnny Football – Manziel Teleconference

Texas A&M aired the Johnny Manziel teleconference Live today. Aggies Head Coach Kevin Sumlin has a strict “no media for freshman” policy so this may be your first chance to hear him speak. It’s an hour long so listen at your own risk.

Johnny Football has a win over then #1 Alabama at their house and the numbers to win the Heisman as a Red Shirt Freshman.  It looks like Manziel isn’t finished rewriting the record books, a Freshman has never won the Heisman before.

The lady below was actually a topic, go figure.

Smack Apparel’s Top 10 Headlines From The Weekend – Nov. 26

Miss anything from the weekend?  Finishing up work you decided to put off on Friday? Did you drink so much over the weekend you still want to vomit as you sit and stare at your computer screen?  If the answer is yes to any of these this post is for you.  Educate yourself  with the Weekend’s Top 10 so you don’t sound like a buffoon at the water cooler.

Notre Dame, Alabama,  and Georgia 1,2, and 3 in BCS 

Sunday NFL Recap – GIF’s

SEC dominates ACC

Johnny Football Update

Week 13 – Calling the Heisman race for Manziel

Ohio State undefeated season

The Unappreciated Jay Cutler

Gene Chizik YOU’RE FIRED!

Gators romp the Noles in Tally

Evan Longoria get 100 mil extension

Smack Apparel Shirts For Shares Rivalry Week Contest

The Crimson Tide faithful are rolling in the Shirts For Shares Contest.  They are #1 in the Smack poll currently with a  total of 154 shares.  Smack is about to give away the 3rd prize for that fan base.  Oklahoma State is 2nd in the Smack poll with a total of  22 shares so far.  Thanks to Robert Whetsell of Cowboys Ride For Free for joining the SMACKcast and spreading the OU hate.  The Ohio State is 3rd in the Smack poll with 15 shares; Buckeye nation got a late start but they are surging right now.  Will anyone be able to catch Alabama?

It’s Rivalry week Baby!  Lines are drawn in the sand, families turn against each other, and records are tossed out the window.  It’s us verses them.  One team will be left standing and YBYSA (You Bet Your Sweet Ass) it won’t be them.  We at Smack Apparel live for this week and we know you do to.  This is your chance to show your fandom to the world.  We will be giving away FREE SMACK APPAREL GEAR to 16 different fan bases.  Who has the most rabid fan base?  Are your fans better than your rivals?  We’ll see.

It’s the “Smack Apparel Shares For Shirts Contest.”  It’s simple we’ll give away 1 shirt for every 50 shares of this blog post.  The amount of shares dictates the amount gear we will dish out too you.  Find you team, click the link, and share away.

Alabama vs. Auburn
FSU vs. Florida
Ohio State vs. Michigan
Clemson vs. South Carolina
Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State
Iowa vs. Nebraska
Indiana vs. Purdue
Virginia vs. Virginia Tech