Collin’s Concussion Controversy – To Play Or Not To Play

Should Collin Klein Play or Sit?

Wildcats Head Coach, Bill Snyder and everyone else affiliated with Kansas State refuses to acknowledge officially that Klein suffered a concussion lat week in the win over Oklahoma State. The PC police are all over player safety and concussions like white on rice, a glass of milk, and a paper plate in a snow storm.  Let’s get real, everybody knows Collin Klein suffered a concussion, the only other alternative is that he is suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer’s.

The debate of player safety verses gridiron glory continues.  What will he gain if he sits out Saturday; a life time of regret?  If he plays he’s got a shot at a Heisman trophy and national title.  This is a no brainer, (or bruised brainer) Collin must play.  Anyone who would stand in the way in the name of player safety would be doing Klein a disservice.  I say let him play and The Player Safety PC Police can shove it.

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