Rex Ryan Rips Smack Apparel For Tebow Blog Posts

Recently Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan turned his anger towards us at Smack Apparel, telling anyone who would listen it was “cowardly” to anonymously rip Tim Tebow.

“This team, in my opinion, is not going to be pulled apart by outside people. Inside the walls, we’re going to be like this,” Ryan stated.  Rex was more pointed when asked if he thought the media was trying to generate a QB controversy.  “People who hide behind twitter handles like @SmackApparel, who are you?  If you’re not going to put your name to it, I think that’s about as cowardly of a thing there is,” Ryan said.  “They have been ripping into Tebow by writing songs, making video’s with dancing bum’s asking If I have accepted Tim Tebow as my starting QB, and just flat out trying to drive a wedge into our locker room.  I’m going to put a stop to it.  I’ve been told every time some makes a Tebow joke an Angle looses their wings.  I’ve seen their tweets and blog post’s and it’s garbage.  Tebow likes Jesus, we get it. Re-writing a gospel song and changing the words, really?  How original.  It’s sensationalism like this that has ruined decent journalism in this country and I have dealt with the problem.”

When asked about Smack Apparel and how he dealt with the problem Ryan responded “I don’t want to get into specifics of what I said, but I did address it. Again, if you’re searching for things to try to drive a wedge through the team, my thing is, I believe in this team. But again, put your name to it. I think people would respect you a lot more for it.”

Thank you Rex, now may I reply?  First of all thanks for bringing up Smack Apparel and thanks for the tweet.  What’s up to all the new Jets fan followers.  In no way am I trying to rip Tim Tebow or drive a wedge in your locker room. I love Tebow and I simply believe he can do more with less.  Sanchez can’t.  Presented with an offence loaded with weapons there is no doubt Sanchez is the better QB.  That’s not even what we are debating though,  apparently you took offence about the song I, Flip Satchel, wrote.  I put my name on it, are you happy now?  I think the religious angle with Tebow is funny.  Originally, I wanted to rewrite “Footprints” and put it to Amazing Grace.  I was listening to gospel music for inspiration when I decided to go with “Blessed Tebow Assurance”.  I will take credit for that one.  The dancing Tebowtized bum wasn’t even my idea, my wife came up with it.  She mentioned I should do a fashion show and I thought it was a great idea to  use bum’s as models.  I had to hang out with Michael (the dancing bum) for over an hour, buy him a pack of smokes and a 6 pack of Bud Lite before he would do the video. I thought it would be funny and besides I got a new friend out of the deal. By no means was I trying to drive a wedge between Sanchez and Tebow or between anyone in the locker room. As to sending out the post under the Smack Apparel twitter handle, I had to. I don’t have any followers under my personal @FlipSatchel handle.

For anyone who hasn’t heard “Blessed Tebow Assurance” or seen the Tebowtized bum check it out and let me know if I am trying to drive a wedge in the Jets locker room.

Here is my song. “Blessed Tebow Assurance”

               Blessed "Tebow" Assurance
               Blessed assurance, Tebow is mine! 
               O what a foretaste of glory Gridiron! 
               Heir of Mark Sanchez, purchase of Ryan, 
               he loves the spotlight, he can’t ride pine. 

Refrain:       This is my city, the critics are wrong, 
               praising Tim Tebow all the day long; 
               This is my city, the critics are wrong, 
               praising Tim Tebow all the day long. 

               Perfect situation, perfect time, 
               visions of Denver now burst on my sight; 
               Hail Mary’s descending bring from above 
               echoes of victory, show Tim some love. 

               Perfect position, Tebow is best;  
               I in my big screen am happy and blest, 
               watching and waiting, looking above, 
               are you a “BELIEVER”, give him your trust. 


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