Smack Apparel Pick’Em Contest With T.J. Rives

Smack Apparel PodcastSpecial Edition SMACKcast – TJ Rives is joined by Brett “Stats” Norsworthy of Sports 56 WHBQ in Memphis.

The Smack Apparel Pick’Em contest with T.J. Rives of Fox Sports Radio is back.

It’s simple, we select three college games per week.  T.J. picks, Smack picks, and three lucky contestants pick winners.    If any or all of the three contestants hit a three game parlay, Smack gear will be won.  WE USE THE POINT SPREAD!!! This is not a simple head to head pick’em contest you would find at your neighborhood Applebee’s. (They are just trying to give away free Quesadillas)  Do your home work people, earn your FREE Smack gear.

@bucsidelineguy pick’s – KState, Oregon, and Wisconson

@smackapparel pick’s – KState, Stanford pulls the upset, and Wisconson

@Pwrcat07 pick’s – KState, Stanford, and Ohio State

@boglevie11 pick’s – KState, Stanford, and Ohio State

@13laganaa pick’s – KState, Oregon, and Ohio State

Think of it like a online scavenger hunt.  The answer could be hidden here on the Smack Zone blog, on the Smack Apparel website, Facebook, or Twitter.   The first person to tweet the correct answer to @smackapparel and @bucsidelineguy will win a spot in the Pick’Em contest.

@Pwrcat07@boglevie11, and @13laganaa are our  contestants.  You last


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