Crimson Tide Shirt For Shares Contest

Crimson Tide/Fighting Irish national title game?  Are you serious?!?!  I know their is more work to be done but that’s for the players and coaches, NOT THE FANS!  Bama is back on the road to 15 and it’s time for the Iron Bowl.  Lines are drawn in the sand, families turn against each other, and records are tossed out the window.  It’s us verses them.  One team will be left standing and YBYSA (You Bet Your Sweet Ass) it won’t be Auburn.  We at Smack Apparel live for this week and we know you do to.  This is your chance to show your fandom to the world.  We will be giving away FREE SMACK APPAREL GEAR to 16 different fan bases.  Who has the most rabid fan base?  Bama, surely your fans better than those Booger Eaters?  We’ll see.

It’s the “Smack Apparel Shares For Shirts Contest.”  It’s simple I’ll give away 1 shirt for every 50 shares of this blog post.  The amount of shares dictates the amount gear I will dish out too you.  Look at the bottom of this post for the share buttons and get after it.  You will be going head to head with Auburn in the contest and on the Gridiron.

By re-tweet this post you signing an imaginary petition for this week to be officially renamed to “Keep Gene Chizik Week”.

Find Smack Apparel gear locally
Alabama Bookstore
1015 University Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


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