12-0 Is Perfection – Urban Meyer Struck Gold At Ohio State

Urban Meyer has done a hell of a job with Ohio State this year.  Meyer once again proves his worth and remains among the best of college football coaches.  Off the top of my head my list is: Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Chip Kelly, and Chris Petersen* out of Boise State.

After the bull settled in Columbus, Urban Meyer was standing as the leader for the Buckeyes.  In a What Have You Done for Me Lately world Urban Meyer stands with few.  Two national and two SEC titles at Florida and  now he’s 12-0 in his first season at Ohio State.  I’m sure Buckeye fans aren’t happy with the circumstances that brought him there, but looking back I find it hard to believe they would rather have Tressel there instead of Meyer.

12-0 BABY!  Smack Apparel presents Perfection Bowl 2012.  It’s not South Beach …but it was perfection.  Thanks Urban.


Ohio State fans your gear is available now.  GetSmack.com

*Petersen took a little bit of research, I’m open to your top coach list as well so please submit.


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