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Top 10 Bowls Of The 2012 Season

Top 10 bowls of the 2012 college football season excluding the National Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame.

  1. Fiesta Bowl – #4 Oregon vs #5 Kansas St.
  2. Cotton Bowl – #9 Texas A&M vs #11 Oklahoma
  3. Orange Bowl – #12 Florida State vs #15 Northern Illinois
  4. Chick-fil-a Bowl – #8 LSU vs #14 Clemson
  5. Sugar Bowl – #3 Florida vs #21 Louisville
  6. Capital One Bowl- #7 Georgia vs #16 Nebraska
  7. Outback Bowl – #10 South Carolina vs #18 Michigan
  8. Alamo Bowl – #13 Oregon State vs #23 Texas
  9. Rose Bowl – #6 Stanford – Wisconsin
  10. Holiday Bowl – #17 UCLA vs Baylor

NIU in Orange BowlAt first glance it’s easy to say the Rose Bowl should be higher and the Orange Bowl lower in the rankings but you are wrong, follow along. The Fiesta Bowl is a lock at number one being the only bowl outside of the National Title game with two top ten teams going head to head. From here on down it gets complicated.

Chart1.3 The first thing I did was rank each team within their conference without looking at national rankings.

Ex: Stanford 1 – Wisconsin 6, Florida State 1 – NIU 1, Florida 2 – Louisville 1, and Oregon 2 – Kansas State 1.  Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, and South Carolina all tie with three.

Add the numbers together,  from top to bottom starting with the  smallest number list the bowls.  This is how I got the first reference list.  A conference number one  is different from  a conference champ.  Wisconsin is a conference champ but has the 6th best record in the Big 10 so the Badgers get hit with a six here.

Johnny Football HaircutThere are three ties: Sugar/Fiesta, Capital One/Chick-fil-a/Cotton, and Outback/Alamo.  The BCS ranking differential is used as the tie breaker, the smaller the differential the higher ranked the bowl.  Ex: Cotton Bowl – #9 and #11 = 2, Chick-fil-a – #8 and #14 = 6, and Capital One #7 and #16 = 9,

This helps show what bowl games have the best match ups.  The teams in Chart 1 are in order 1-10 and you might notice the Orange Bowl has the only head to head of two conference #1’s.

Chart2Both Florida State and NIU are conference #1’s but aren’t on the same level as half the other teams.  This is where rankings come in, using the BCS standings, add the the two teams rank together.  In the case of Wisconsin and Baylor they get  26 because they aren’t in the top 25.

Ex: Fiesta – #4 Oregon and #5  K-State = 9, Cotton – #9 Texas A&M and #11 Oklahoma = 20, and Rose – #6 Stanford and (26) Wisconsin = 32.  The Lower the number the better the teams in the bowl.

Now that we have both charts ranked 1 thru 10, Chart 1 based on conference record and Chart 2 based on combined BCS standing, add the rankings from each chart.  Rank the bowls from 1 to 10 starting with the lowest combined total from both charts.  Again, use the BCS ranking differential as the tie breaker.  The lower the differential the better the match up.  This will give you your final bowl ranking for the top 10 match-ups of the 2012 season.


(Conference rank + Conference rank) = Chart 1

(BCS rank + BCS rank) = Chart 2

(Chart 1 rank + Chart 2 rank) = Chart 3


Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me! Contest

KIRKCANBITEMEfrontandbackIt’s time for the Smack Apparel Christmas Contest!

I want Kirk Herbstreit to Re-tweet this post.  If you (Smackies) can get Herbstreit to Re-Tweet this post we will give away $500 in cash and Smack Apparel shirts.  The contest will begin immediately after Herbstreit Re-Tweet’s.  There will be multiple opportunities to win.   Details will come through @SmackApparel.  We will give away two $100 Visa gift cards as well as $300 in Smack gear.  If Kirk chooses not to Re-Tweet, the contest doesn’t happen.  It all hinges on Mr. Herbstreit.

Here is the tweet that needs to be Re-Tweeted for the contest to begin.

Do your best to get the message to Herbstreit.  Tweet it, put it on your facebook page, and it blow up social media.  Make it happen Smackies.  $500 in cash and Smack shirts is on the line.

This is your shot not to be a Grinch Kirk.  The Huskies down in Huskie-ville will welcome you with open arms if you come bearing gifts of cash and Smack Apparel gear.

How The Herbstreit Stole Orange Bowl Tickets

The folks here at Smack Apparel have no real beef with Kirk Herbstreit.  On the contrary we are big fans of College Game Day and the cast.  We love Chris Fowler, Desmond Howard, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit with the exception of  Ben, sitting to my left.  At the moment, Ben, along with every Huskie down in Huskie-ville is a little upset with Kirk Herbstreit.

Quick background on Ben:  He has been with Smack Apparel since 2006.  His brother played for NIU  from 06-01 back when they were terrible.  He attended several games and was even at the game when the Huskies broke their 23 game loosing streak, stormed the field, tore the goal post down, and then threw it in the lagoon.  Ben, being a Huskie fan, has been through the hard times with NIU and was talking about a possible Orange Bowl at minimum a week before it actually happened.

Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me, NIU Is Hot And Heavy On The Orange Bowl

Ben made sure everyone at Smack knew the scenario that had to happen for NIU to get the bid especially being that the owner here, Wayne, is an FSU alum.  When the Scenario actually played out you can imagine the excitement of  Ben as well as every Huskie down in Huskie-ville.

Then Kirk Herbstreit made his thoughts known.  Listen for yourself below.

Cut 01 – The Fact Northern Illinois is in the BCS in 2012 is a sad state for college football. 

Cut 02 – They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year.  Are you kidding me?

Cut 03 – Nobody even new NIU was playing until the Toledo game. 

Cut 04 – Leave OU out to put NIU in!?!? Are you kidding me!?!?! 

Cut 05 – What has NIU done this year to make you remember?

Kirk Herbstreit, Bite Me! Every Dog Has It’s Day

Ben’s initial thoughts:  I thought he was being a(n) (Fill in the Blank).  I found it hard to believe he was actually saying these things about NIU in the Orange Bowl.  I actually thought he would say something along the lines of congratulations to NIU, the system isn’t perfect and this is the way it has played out.  I thought he would spin the positive things NIU has done this year that placed them in position for an Orange Bowl bid.  What a(n) (Fill in the Blank)!  Let’s make a shirt!

Note:  This contest isn’t limited to NIU fans or the Herbsreit can bite me! shirt.  All fans of Smack Apparel are welcome to participate.

Alex Rodriguez Is A Slum Lord – In My Opinion

Sink Side CabanaYesterday on the local news in Tampa, CBS ran a story about slum conditions at a complex owned by Alex Rodriguez.  When I first moved to Tampa I spent three years in a complex owned by A-Rod.  The slum-like conditions at Newport Riverside in the news story were minor in comparison to Newport Villas where I was housed.

Carmel CupcakeEnjoy this video I made while living at the Villas.  Note: This video was shot on location at one of A-Rod’s complexes.  All Roaches were real and caught on location in less than an hour.  Over 30 roaches were used in the video and no cockroaches were harmed in the making of this film.  (Insert Sike, NOT, Yeah Right, or what ever slang from your decade here). I killed each and every cock roach then manipulated their little body’s to make my film.

Moon Lit Bubble BathQuick Setup: For Rent Magazine was holding a contest for best video on why the individual deserved a new place to live with a $10,000 grand prize.  Unfortunately I didn’t submit my video in time but I still think it is great.  The rules stated we couldn’t use the name of the complex or anything that would identify the property.  The videos concept was to spin the idea of why roaches wanted in.  My video is a commercial for cockroaches who want the live the good life at Roach Rod Villas, Rodney Roach (Roach Rod) being A-Rod.

How The Herbstreit Stole Orange Bowl Tickets!

HowTheHerbieStoleOrangeBowlTicketsEvery Huskie
Down in Huskie-ville
Liked the BCS a lot…

But the Herbstreit,
Who lived just north of Huskie-ville,
Did NOT!

The Herbstreit hated the BCS! The whole BCS season! Now, do we have to ask why? NIU is the reason. “They’re Going to the Orange Bowl!” he snarled with a Sneer. “It’s A bad state for football” they shouldn’t be There, it just seems queer.

Nervously drumming, with his Herbstreit fingers, he spoke with a screech!
“They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year. Are you kidding me?”
Northern Illinois was going to South Beach.

Then the Huskies, young and old, would sat down to a feast. And they’d
Feast! And they’d feast! And They’d FEAST!
They would feast on orange juice, sherbert, and oranges! This was something
The Herbstreit couldn’t stand in the least!

HerbieGrinch5And THEN
They did something
He liked least of all!
Every Huskie down in Huskie-ville, the tall and The Small, they’d stand hand-in-hand. And the Huskies started singing!
They’d sing! And they’d sing!

And the more the Herbstreit thought of this Huskie-Orange Bowl-Sing, the more the Herbstreit thought, “I must stop this whole Thing! FSU deserves a
Better opponent than NIU right now! I must Stop this Orange Bowl from happening!

…But HOW?”

Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!

HerbieGrinch1“I know just what to do! “What a Herby trick!
“With this coat and this hat, I look just like Saint Nick!”

All their windows were dark. Quiet snow filled the air.
All the Huskies were all dreaming of sweet victory Without Care.

Then he slid down the chimney. A rather tight pinch.
But, if Santa could do it, for the Herbstreit this would Be a sinch.

He slithered an slunk with a smile most unpleasant, He stole all their
Tickets, no one would get a present!


So they couldn’t even watch, The Herbstreit grabbed the TV and started to Shove, When he heard a small sound like the coo of a dove.

Little Cindy-Lou stared at the Herbstreit and said “Santy Claus, why, Why are You Taking all of our tickets? WHY?

HerbieGrinch6But, you know, that old Herbstreit Was So smart and so slick.
He thought up a lie, and he Thought it Up quick!
“Why, my sweet little tot,” the fake Santy Clause lied, “These tickets Wont work, I can’t tell if they are REAL or NOT!

Then he went up the chimney, Himself, The old liar. He did the Same thing to Other Huskies’ houses hour after hour.

“Pooh-Pooh to the Huskies!” he was herby-ish-ly humming. They’re finding Out now the Orange Bowl isn’t coming.”

HerbieGrinch2He stared down a Huskie-ville!
The Herbstreit popped his eyes!
Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!

Every Huskie down in Huskie-ville, the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any tickets at all!
They were proud of thier team. Proud of them one and ALL!

And the Herbstreit stood puzzling and puzzling: “How Could it be So? With no tickets they can’t go!

And what happened then…?
Well… in Huskie-ville they say
That the Herbstreit’s ego
Grew three sizes that day!

HerbieGrinch7And the minute his ego didn’t feel Quite So tight, He whizzed with all His tickets Through the bright Morning light. “I will give them their tickets and Let Them watch. Against FSU they Won’t Put up a fight. Let them play They’ll Prove me right.”

The Herbstreit returned the tickets To All, he couldn’t wait for NIU to

Infact…   HE HIMSELF…!

Wants to attend the Orange Bowl!
He wants to watch the Huskies fall short of their GOAL!

Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me, NIU Is Hot And Heavy On The Orange Bowl

“Kirk Herbstreit can bite me” is blowing up in DeKalb and all over NIU Nation! Village Commons Bookstore, the only place in DeKalb to buy the shirt, has sold out two consecutive days.

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Check out these links where Smack has made the news.

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Smack Apparel’s “Kirk Herbstreit can bite me!” TShirts now on sale

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19 hours ago – The shirt says “Kirk Herbstreit can bite me” on the front, with the phrase DeKALB – The first shipment of Tshirts smacking an ESPN analyst

Kirk Herbstreit, Bite Me! Every Dog Has It’s Day

Smack Apparel PodcastNew SMACKcast!!! Mike Breese of Red and Black Attack joined Flip Satchel to talk about the NIU Huskies’ Orange Bowl bid and ESPN’s disdain.

Win FREE SMACK GEAR!!!  The first 5 people who tweet one of the five reasons Mike mentioned why NIU will beat FSU win.  Answers lie within the podcast.

It’s seems as if NIU has shocked the world by earning a bid to the Orange Bowl to face the Florida State Seminoles.  “The world” being anyone outside of DeKalb or anyone who hasn’t watched MAC football this season.  Some of the folks over at ESPN weren’t too happy about NIU going to South Beach.  Apparently they haven’t watched Jordan Lynch and the Huskies very often this year.

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Roll Tide, All The Way To South Beach. The Luck Stops Here! Beat ND!

Nick Saban has done it again.  The Alabama Crimson Tide will battle with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the crystal football in the BCS National Championship Game on January 7th.  Saban and the Tide hope to return from South Beach with Alabama’s 15th National Championship.  Roll Tide!

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