Alex Rodriguez Is A Slum Lord – In My Opinion

Sink Side CabanaYesterday on the local news in Tampa, CBS ran a story about slum conditions at a complex owned by Alex Rodriguez.  When I first moved to Tampa I spent three years in a complex owned by A-Rod.  The slum-like conditions at Newport Riverside in the news story were minor in comparison to Newport Villas where I was housed.

Carmel CupcakeEnjoy this video I made while living at the Villas.  Note: This video was shot on location at one of A-Rod’s complexes.  All Roaches were real and caught on location in less than an hour.  Over 30 roaches were used in the video and no cockroaches were harmed in the making of this film.  (Insert Sike, NOT, Yeah Right, or what ever slang from your decade here). I killed each and every cock roach then manipulated their little body’s to make my film.

Moon Lit Bubble BathQuick Setup: For Rent Magazine was holding a contest for best video on why the individual deserved a new place to live with a $10,000 grand prize.  Unfortunately I didn’t submit my video in time but I still think it is great.  The rules stated we couldn’t use the name of the complex or anything that would identify the property.  The videos concept was to spin the idea of why roaches wanted in.  My video is a commercial for cockroaches who want the live the good life at Roach Rod Villas, Rodney Roach (Roach Rod) being A-Rod.


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