Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me! Contest

KIRKCANBITEMEfrontandbackIt’s time for the Smack Apparel Christmas Contest!

I want Kirk Herbstreit to Re-tweet this post.  If you (Smackies) can get Herbstreit to Re-Tweet this post we will give away $500 in cash and Smack Apparel shirts.  The contest will begin immediately after Herbstreit Re-Tweet’s.  There will be multiple opportunities to win.   Details will come through @SmackApparel.  We will give away two $100 Visa gift cards as well as $300 in Smack gear.  If Kirk chooses not to Re-Tweet, the contest doesn’t happen.  It all hinges on Mr. Herbstreit.

Here is the tweet that needs to be Re-Tweeted for the contest to begin.

Do your best to get the message to Herbstreit.  Tweet it, put it on your facebook page, and it blow up social media.  Make it happen Smackies.  $500 in cash and Smack shirts is on the line.

This is your shot not to be a Grinch Kirk.  The Huskies down in Huskie-ville will welcome you with open arms if you come bearing gifts of cash and Smack Apparel gear.

How The Herbstreit Stole Orange Bowl Tickets

The folks here at Smack Apparel have no real beef with Kirk Herbstreit.  On the contrary we are big fans of College Game Day and the cast.  We love Chris Fowler, Desmond Howard, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit with the exception of  Ben, sitting to my left.  At the moment, Ben, along with every Huskie down in Huskie-ville is a little upset with Kirk Herbstreit.

Quick background on Ben:  He has been with Smack Apparel since 2006.  His brother played for NIU  from 06-01 back when they were terrible.  He attended several games and was even at the game when the Huskies broke their 23 game loosing streak, stormed the field, tore the goal post down, and then threw it in the lagoon.  Ben, being a Huskie fan, has been through the hard times with NIU and was talking about a possible Orange Bowl at minimum a week before it actually happened.

Kirk Herbstreit Can Bite Me, NIU Is Hot And Heavy On The Orange Bowl

Ben made sure everyone at Smack knew the scenario that had to happen for NIU to get the bid especially being that the owner here, Wayne, is an FSU alum.  When the Scenario actually played out you can imagine the excitement of  Ben as well as every Huskie down in Huskie-ville.

Then Kirk Herbstreit made his thoughts known.  Listen for yourself below.

Cut 01 – The Fact Northern Illinois is in the BCS in 2012 is a sad state for college football. 

Cut 02 – They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year.  Are you kidding me?

Cut 03 – Nobody even new NIU was playing until the Toledo game. 

Cut 04 – Leave OU out to put NIU in!?!? Are you kidding me!?!?! 

Cut 05 – What has NIU done this year to make you remember?

Kirk Herbstreit, Bite Me! Every Dog Has It’s Day

Ben’s initial thoughts:  I thought he was being a(n) (Fill in the Blank).  I found it hard to believe he was actually saying these things about NIU in the Orange Bowl.  I actually thought he would say something along the lines of congratulations to NIU, the system isn’t perfect and this is the way it has played out.  I thought he would spin the positive things NIU has done this year that placed them in position for an Orange Bowl bid.  What a(n) (Fill in the Blank)!  Let’s make a shirt!

Note:  This contest isn’t limited to NIU fans or the Herbsreit can bite me! shirt.  All fans of Smack Apparel are welcome to participate.


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