New SMACKcast – National Championship Preview – Alabama Crimison Tide And Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Smack Apparel PodcastTony Orlando from joined Flip Satchel on the SMACKcast to breakdown the National Championship through the eyes of Bama fans.

The 1st five people who tweet @smackapparel one of the 5 reasons Tony mentioned why Alabama will beat Notre Dame in the National Championship game will win free Smack Apparel gear.  Listen Now!!!

The main thing that intrigues me about The Crimson Tide and Nick Saban is coming up big in the Moment.  Look to the end of the LSU, Texas A&M, and the SEC Championship game. The Tide came out on top two out of the three. In that Moment Saban had nothing to do with the outcome, it’s the players execution that win or lose the game.

When you take a step back,  you realize Saban had everything to with that Moment.  Coaching that Moment is what separates Saban from the rest of the college football world, it’s the difference between winning and losing.

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