Few Have Been In The Line Of Fire In Battle – RGIII

RG3 3Robert Griffin III left it  all on the field Sunday against the Seahawks, it being his valuable right knee.  Christian Ponder take notes.  We should have seen your right arm flopping around like a wet noodle before Joe Webb could even suit up.  I’m a big fan of RG3 and what he has accomplished this year, but to tweet this?  Come on, you have to know better.

RG3 2First of all, who is Questioning and Criticizing you?  You’re a lock for Rookie of the Year in a class with Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Doug Martin.  The Redskins had a hell of a season with you under center.

Are people telling you, you shouldn’t have let your knee fall apart like that?  Are they saying that you should have  watched more films on Loose Flopping Limbs on Fumble Recovery Attempts so you would be more prepared if the situation should arise?

Second, The right answers?  Who are you consulting with, SKYNET?  If you were a terminator, Washington could be moving on to play Atlanta this week.

Last, “few have been in the line of fire in battle”. RG3, have you?

In defense of RG3 he may bee too young to remember this from Kellen Winslow 2 in 06′.  Griffin was only 16 then.  Still you know have to know better.


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