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Football rules all

I was on ESPN and came across this story on Outside the Lines. It’s about a semi-pro football league and the death of a recent player. With football season (both NFL and college) right around the corner, I thought it was a very interesting view on just how far people are willing to go to play the game. We all know that baseball is America’s pastime, but in the past 20 years, is there a bigger sport than American football? Football rules all for five months of the year and with people willing to play risky/dangerous leagues like this, I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon…WATCH HERE


Big name NFL cuts headline the weekend

Plaxico Burress can’t find a team, Chad Johnson was let go and now Terrell Owens has been released by the Seattle Seahawks. T.O was just another veteran who is currently looking for employment in the NFL. Billy Cundiff the ex Pro Bowl kicker for the Baltimore Ravens was released on Sunday and just this morning Vince Young was relieved of his duties by the Buffalo Bills. There are certain to be more big names released from their respective teams as the NFL rosters need to be finalized in the next week.

MLB blockbuster trade is almost a done deal

The Boston Red Sox are not having the season they envisioned at the start of 2012. The all star lineup they assembled has not exactly panned out and they are ready to jump ship and rebuild. The Red Sox and L.A Dodgers are in talks of a trade that would send Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Nick Punto and Josh Beckett to L.A for a handful of prospects and pitchers. Sources say the deal is close to being finalized…READ MORE¬†

Some pretty sweet new uniforms in college football

We are counting down the days til college football returns. What better way to get you pumped for opening kickoff than showing you all the new jerseys that will be taking the gridiron in a week? Last year Maryland’s helmets caught everyone off guard on opening week, but who will be the talk of the jerseys this year? We will let you decide with this sneak peek…CHECK IT OUT

Smack, Did you know?

On 8/24/1975 Davey Lopes of the Los Angeles Dodgers set a MLB record when he stole his 38th consecutive base.

Armstrong gets lifetime ban, forfeits titles

Lance Armstrong has decided to drop his appeal against the U.S Doping Agencies. This decision will cost Armstrong his seven Tour de France titles and bans him for life from the sport that meant so much to him…READ MORE

MLB players talking some smack!

In a recent article, 26% of MLB players who were asked said that A-Rod was the phoniest guy in the league.¬† This votes comes a few weeks after he was voted the most overrated player at his position. Needless to say, his fellow league members don’t think too highly of Alex Rodriguez…READ MORE