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National Championship Prediction Contest – Alabama Crimson Tide and The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Picture2National Championship Prediction Contest – Alabama Crimson Tide and The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Submit your final score prediction, including the team, to Smack Apparel via our Facebook page or on twitter @SmackApparel.  If you hit the final score on the money you win FREE SMACK GEAR! Only one submission per profile.

Beat Bama - Beat ND

Even Lou - Bama - ND


Few Have Been In The Line Of Fire In Battle – RGIII

RG3 3Robert Griffin III left it  all on the field Sunday against the Seahawks, it being his valuable right knee.  Christian Ponder take notes.  We should have seen your right arm flopping around like a wet noodle before Joe Webb could even suit up.  I’m a big fan of RG3 and what he has accomplished this year, but to tweet this?  Come on, you have to know better.

RG3 2First of all, who is Questioning and Criticizing you?  You’re a lock for Rookie of the Year in a class with Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Doug Martin.  The Redskins had a hell of a season with you under center.

Are people telling you, you shouldn’t have let your knee fall apart like that?  Are they saying that you should have  watched more films on Loose Flopping Limbs on Fumble Recovery Attempts so you would be more prepared if the situation should arise?

Second, The right answers?  Who are you consulting with, SKYNET?  If you were a terminator, Washington could be moving on to play Atlanta this week.

Last, “few have been in the line of fire in battle”. RG3, have you?

In defense of RG3 he may bee too young to remember this from Kellen Winslow 2 in 06′.  Griffin was only 16 then.  Still you know have to know better.

What The Hell Happened To Christian Ponder? WTF Minnesota? Vikings Throw Out Joe Webb!?!

Joe WebbWhat The Hell Happened To Christian Ponder? WTF Minnesota?  Vikings Throw Out Joe Webb!?!

The headline says it all, What The Hell Happened To Christian Ponder? WTF Minnesota?  Vikings Throw Out Joe Webb!?!  

Will some one smarter than me, who knows more about football than me, who can explain to me; WTF happenen with Christain Ponder and the Vikings?  I don’t understant?  An Elbow Bruise?  Can we review that chapter?

Seriously, someone please explain it to me so I understand.


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Ray Lewis Will Retire After The 2012 Season

So Ray Lewis is going to hang em’ up after seasons end.  Check out Smack Apparel’s Tribute to 52.


Enjoy the highlight reel of some of Ray’s biggest hits.

How Do They Match Up? The People’s Prospective – National Championship Preview

Picture2Two of the most storied programs in College Football, the Irish verses the Crimson Tide for the National Title.  #1 vs. #2, The Almighty SEC vs. Touchdown Jesus, Catholics vs. Cousins, Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers, and Gump vs. Rudy. Call it what you will, we have a damn good National Title Game coming up Monday night in Miami.

The’re great match ups across the board, I want to get the fans prospective these battles.  Sound off, who will win these head to heads and why?

Let’s look at the Match ups:

Notre Dame Offense vs. Alabama Defense

Alabama Offense vs. Notre Dame Defense

Who has better Special Teams?

Nick Saban vs. Brian Kelly

Who has better Play-makers?

Who’s fans are more Rowdy?

Beat Bama - Beat ND

I like this piece from Numbers Never Lie.

New SMACKcast – National Championship Preview – Alabama Crimison Tide And Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Smack Apparel PodcastTony Orlando from joined Flip Satchel on the SMACKcast to breakdown the National Championship through the eyes of Bama fans.

The 1st five people who tweet @smackapparel one of the 5 reasons Tony mentioned why Alabama will beat Notre Dame in the National Championship game will win free Smack Apparel gear.  Listen Now!!!

The main thing that intrigues me about The Crimson Tide and Nick Saban is coming up big in the Moment.  Look to the end of the LSU, Texas A&M, and the SEC Championship game. The Tide came out on top two out of the three. In that Moment Saban had nothing to do with the outcome, it’s the players execution that win or lose the game.

When you take a step back,  you realize Saban had everything to with that Moment.  Coaching that Moment is what separates Saban from the rest of the college football world, it’s the difference between winning and losing.

Your thoughts are welcome.



Louisville Cardinals Lay A Bourbon Street Beatdown On Gators In The Sugar Bowl

Charlie Strong, Teddy Bridgewater, and the rest of the Louisville Cardinals laid a Bourbon Street Beatdown on the Gators 33-23.


Louisville got lucky.  The Gators weren’t motivated because the Big East sucks.  Florida would beat the Cardinals 9 times out of 10.  Say what you want, the Louisville Cardinals just kicked the Florida Gators ASS!

“We dominated that game from start to finish.” – Charlie Strong on the Jim Rome earlier today.

Cardinal Fans celebrate your Sugar Bowl victory with Smack Apparel’s Beatdown On Bourbon shirt.  Too Tough!  Too STeddy!  Too Strong!  33-23